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In the mirror universe, the Bellarmine (NCC-1701/7) was a Terran Empire shuttlecraft, a class F shuttlecraft assigned to the ISS Enterprise in the 2260s decade. (ST - Mirror Images comic: "Issue 1")

History and specifications

Unlike most Class F shuttles in the mirror and primary universes of the 23rd century, the vessel's hull was adorned with a black triangle on each side, and the bussard collectors glowed red. (ST - Mirror Images comic: "Issue 1")


The Bellarmine one moment before its destruction.

Six days after the shuttle was pronounced clear of faults in a routine inspection, the Bellarmine exploded on an unidentified mining colony. Commander James T. Kirk had sabotaged the vessel to explode on Captain Christopher Pike's approach. Fortunately, Pike survived, and the subsequent investigation into the Bellarmine's destruction failed to reveal Kirk's complicity. (ST - Mirror Images comic: "Issue 1")



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