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The starship USS Enterprise has embarked on its most ambitious assignment yet: to lead a courageous band of settlers to a far-off planet, to defend the fragile colony from alien threats, and to unravel the mysteries of a brand-new Earth!

A six-month distance from the Federation, the planet Belle Terre offers a new life to more than 60,000 families, pioneers, scientists, expatriates, go-getters, loners, and entrepreneurs, all under the watchful eye of Captain Kirk and his crew. But the would-be colonists have barely settled in the untamed wilderness of their new home when Spock makes a startling discovery: not only does the planet's moon contain a rare ore of almost inestimable value, that same moon is also violently unstable. Within months, it will inevitably explode -- destroying all life on Belle Terre!




AudryKevin BaldwinNeil BartelsAlbert CadmandPavel ChekovLilian CoatesReynold CoatesPeter DaegalJasonJames T. KirkLeonard McCoyHenry MempEvan PardonnetPlottelHarvey Ray-JohnsVijay ReddyMontgomery ScottJudith ShortSpockWhitby SpragueHikaru SuluSunnNyota Uhura
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Tom CoatesJohn KyleJanice RandSedlak

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USS EnterpriseRattlesnake


Belle TerreBoiseCluster Z-80IdahoIowaNeedleNevlinOccultQuake MoonSagittarian Stellar Group

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Blood ManyHumanKauldKlingonOrionRomulanVulcan
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States and organizationsEdit

Belle Terre Colonial ExpeditionStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets

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alienbacteriacommunicatorcomputerelectronicenergyenginefireworksflashlightflood gateGamma Nightgas gianthairhourimpulse enginelightminutenerveoliviumorbitorequasarradioactivityscopescreensecondshock waveskeletonspacestarsunburntimetractor beamtransportertricorderviewscreenwatch

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captainchief engineerdoctorgovernorscience officertreasurer

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basementbeehivechaircitycolonycontinentdaydeathdogfleetforestghost townhillmiraclemoonmountainpersonal identification numberplanetpocketrabbitsickbaystorage containersuicidetreetwigvoteweekyear





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