The Belligerent was an Tellarite starship.

In 2287, the Belligerent was commanded by Khund. This ship was dispatched by the Tellarite government to represent their civilization at the opening of a rift in space and a diplomatic contact with the Calligar, a people on the other side of the galaxy.

The Belligerent was specifically ordered to the event on the revelation that Dorkin, a Tellarite ambassador sent by the Federation was being held as a hostage of the Calligar as a result of Commodore José Tyler offering diplomatic sanctuary to the Calligar Ecma. As such, Khund demanded that Commander Hikaru Sulu, commanding the USS Enterprise-A, allow the Tellarites to participate in reprisals against the Calligar. Khund insisted that, since their diplomat was taken prisoner, they had the right to dictate terms. Khund's call to action was challenged by Sulu, as well as by Captain Vandor, of the Stealth, who demanded that the Andorians take control of the situation, as an Andorian diplomat was also a prisoner.

The controversy was settled after Sulu's refusal to act was backed up by Ambassador Robert Fox, who threatened to demote the commanders of the opposing vessels to command of a lithium cracking station on remote Delta Vega. (TOS novel: The Rift)

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