Ben Cannon was a male Human pirate in the late 23rd century, the captain of the starship Windjammer.

In 2267, Ben Cannon buried a stolen dilithium shipment in a jungle on Taos IV. He was then stranded there by his own men, who also took the map showing the location of the dilithium. He then dug up the dilithium and brought it to the cave in which he lived.

A year later, in 2268, Ben Cannon was encountered by a landing party from the USS Enterprise, who had pursued the Windjammer there on a mission to retrieve the dilithium. After the pirates were defeated, the Enterprise officers found the dilithium in Cannon's cave. (TOS comic: "The Flight of the Buccaneer")

Ben Cannon is presumably named after Ben Gunn, another stranded pirate, from the novel Treasure Island.
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