Bendalion Iamor was a Kropaslin male who served as a thane in the Witenagemot of Kropasar in the 24th century. He was the head of the Agreement Party.

In 2375, the United Federation of Planets was negotiating with Kropasar for possible admission. The other major political group in government, the Consensus Party, was at that time in control of the government, and Iamor and other members of his party feared that if the Federation were to accept Kropasar at that time, it would serve to cement the Consensus Party's position irreparably. Since the Federation was only negotiating to obtain a Breen frigate the Kropaslin had come by, Iamor and the Agreement Party arranged to get the frigate into the hand of the Federation by other means, secretly negotiating with Fleet Admiral Alynna Nechayev.

When the Federation had obtained the frigate, the Federation rejected the planet's membership bid, resulting in the Consensus Party losing its majority. But Iamor's action had been controversial within his own party, and a schism within it meant that the Agreement Party was not able to form a cohesive government, either. (SCE - What's Past eBook: The Future Begins)

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