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Bendes Kettaract was a Human scientist in the 23rd century.

Kettaract enrolled at Starfleet Academy as a young man, and earned his first doctorate, in molecular physics, at age nineteen. He'd earned additional doctorates in quantum mechanics and chemistry by age twenty-five. Shortly thereafter, he disappeared from public view for two years, following which he presented a paper theorizing a powerful, artificially-created molecule that would generate incredible amounts of energy.

He withdrew from the public again for over a decade, and was hospitalized twice in that period while suffering from severe paranoia. At the end of this period, he presented a new paper which restored his reputation as a brilliant scientist. After the end of his hiatus, he joined the private sector, though he was still officially a member of Starfleet. He also did work for Starfleet Intelligence, and was one of the Federation scientists asked to study the Romulan cloaking device stolen by the USS Enterprise in 2268.

In the early 2260s, Kettaract began performing research into the creation and application of Omega molecules. His initial research was conducted in an abandoned warehouse on a non-aligned planet in the Taugan sector. In late 2265 or early 2266, Kettaract had gained the support of Section 31, which relocated Kettaract and his team -- including a new assistant, Dr. Jain Suni -- to a covert research station located in the Lantaru sector.

By late 2268, Kettaract had managed to synthesize a single Omega molecule, however once it was synthesized it became unstable, killing Kettaract and his team, and generating a massive shockwave that destroyed subspace across seven light-years of the Lantaru sector, making warp drive and subspace communication impossible in that region. (TOS - Section 31 novel: Cloak)

Kettaract was first mentioned, by surname only, in VOY episode "The Omega Directive". Some sources, including Memory Alpha, spell his name "Ketteract".


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