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Beneath the Raptor's Wing is a Star Trek: Enterprise novel published by Pocket Books in 2009. It is the first book in two-part The Romulan War miniseries, and a direct continuation of the narrative from Kobayashi Maru and other books in the Pocket's Enterprise novel series. It chronicles the beginning of the Earth-Romulan War.

Publisher's description

From the back cover
At the start of the twenty-first century unconditional war swept across the Earth. A war that engulfed the great and the small, the rich and the poor, giving no quarter. Each side strove for unconditional victory, and as battle built upon battle the living began to envy the dead.
Chastised by the cataclysm that they had unleashed, the governments of Earth banded together. Humanity vowed to put an end to war, and to strive for the betterment of every living creature. A united Earth created Starfleet, an interstellar agency, whose mission was to explore the cosmos, to come in peace for all mankind. A naïve wish, yet man persists in the belief that peace is the way. Banding together with other powers to form a Coalition of Planets, humanity hopes that the strength each can offer the other, will allow for peaceful exploration.
The rise of the Coalition strikes dread within the Romulan Star Empire. They feel the growing reach will cut them off from what is rightfully theirs. But, the Romulans know that the alliance is fragile, that the correct strategy could turn allies into foes. Perfecting a way of remotely controlling Coalition ships and using them as weapons against each other, the Romulans hope to drive a wedge of suspicion and mistrust between these new allies.
One ship, one Starfleet captain uncovers this insidious plot, Jonathan Archer of the Enterprise. Determined not to lose what they have gained, out manned and out gunned, the captains of Starfleet stand tall vowing to defend every inch of Coalition space. The tide begins to turn. The Romulans now plan to strike at what they see as the heart of their problem. With nothing left to lose the Romulan Star Empire engages in all out war against humanity, determined once and for all to stop the human menace from spreading across the galaxy.


July 2156: Jonathan Archer is making a request to the Klingon Empire to enter the war on Starfleet's side, a war which Starfleet is losing. The Klingon chancellor, M'Rek, says he and the council will consider their request.

July 2155: The Enterprise has to warp home from the Gamma Hydra sector, a voyage which takes some time. Travis Mayweather decides he must leave the ship because of what happened at Gamma Hydra, as he could not accept Captain Archer's decision to abandon the freighter ECS Kobayashi Maru. Hoshi Sato also considers leaving, but Archer convinces her to stay, at least for the time being.

As war breaks out, Administrator T'Pau announces that the Vulcans will not assist Starfleet in the fight, which angers them. They compromise, however, with a detection grid that will give any fleet a few minutes extra warning, at most. Despite this advantage, the Romulans launch sneak attacks on Tarod IX, Deneva, Berengaria VII, Achernar II and Threllvia IV, reducing most of each planet to ruins.

Gannet Brooks, a reporter for Newstime, and Travis Mayweather's old flame, sends reports from the front lines, slamming Starfleet for their apparent no-shows at attacked planets. Admiral Gregory Black asks her editor to make her tone down her stories.

Trip Tucker is rescued from his escape pod near Tezel-Oroko by a Vulcan freighter, the Kiri-kin-tha, commanded by Captain T'Vran. Also on board is a V'Shar agent, Ych'a, who requests Trip's help in finding out more about T'Pau's government. He takes on the role of a Vulcan merchant called Sodok, who deals in kevas and trillium - items Trip has never heard of.

T'Pol is recalled to Vulcan, but she decides to formally resign her commission with the Vulcans and stay aboard Enterprise. Archer has other plans: with T'Pol on Vulcan, she can try to determine why the Vulcans have pulled out of the war. When meeting with T'Pau, the administrator reveals that she has Surak's katra within her, and as his primary focus was peace and not violence, the Vulcans shall follow his path.

On Romulus, Admiral Valdore and most of the Romulan senate are unimpressed by Praetor D'deridex's plans to invade Haakona, an old enemy. The Romulans lose half the fleet they send there and the mission fails. Unwilling to take the blame for the military's losses due to the ever-deteriorating condition of the Romulan leader, Valdore uses his contacts to arrange for D'deridex's skimmer to have an "accident", which succeeds, killing D'deridex. Senator Karzan is installed as the new leader.

A combined Starfleet-Andorian fleet halts a Romulan attempt to invade the Procyon system, the location of Andoria. The Andorians' fleet is led by Shran, on the IGS Weytahn, whilst Travis Mayweather pilots the Daedalus-class USS Yorktown. During this battle, Captain Roy Dunsel becomes the first to use Starfleet's experimental self-destruct system, destroying his ship, the Challenger (NX-03).

Ambassadors Thoris of Andoria and Gora bim Gral of Tellar decide that they too must withdraw their fleets from the war.

In April 2156, Enterprise leads an assault to retake Starbase 1 and Berengaria VII from the Romulans. Archer has become a Commodore. Starfleet takes bad losses but the Romulans are driven off. The rest of the fleet joins up with Shran's ship and sets course for Deneva.

Back on Vulcan, an explosion destroys the living katra of Surak, causing T'Pau to cry openly and state that the planet may be permanently closed to "offworlders." On Enterprise, Archer feels the loss of the katra.



Enterprise NX-01 personnel
Jonathan ArcherMike BurchCamachoChefSelma GuitierrezHessMatthew KellyElrene LeydonMalvoyTravis MayweatherJ. Fiona McKenzieDonna O'NeillPhloxPorthosMalcolm ReedR. RyanHoshi SatoT'Pol
Referenced only 
Columbia NX-02 personnel
Reiko AkagiKalil el-RashadVeronica FletcherKarl GraylockErika HernandezKiona ThayerSidra Valerian
Referenced only 
Stephen Foyle
Challenger NX-03 personnel
Roy DunselEstelle GrangerHendricksKayeRubin
Discovery NX-04 personnel
BrentCarpenterCurtis • Travis Mayweather
Atlantis NX-05 personnel
BrennerTravis MayweatherMirskyWeiss
Endeavour NX-06 personnel
Stephen ReynardEsther Stiles
Referenced only 
USS Yeager perosnnel
GerhardJulia Stiles
USS Yorktown personnel
AlbertsonFlemingGianniniKrawczak • Travis Mayweather • Tyler MendezKetai Shosetsu
Starfleet, MACO and Section 31 personnel
Gregory BlackGeorge CaseySam GardnerHayesHutchinsonColin IdahoManetta LundyMankiewiczUttan NarsuCarlos RamirezBryce ShumarJohn SheehanStilesRichard StilesEric StillwellCharles Tucker III (CunaehrSodok)
Referenced only 
AdamsMatthew HarrisW.M. JefferiesKelbyTinh Hoc Phuong (Terha)
ChR Dhivael personnel
ChR Terrh'Dhael personnel
BelakD'ridthauDenorexGenorexT'Met er-Iuruth t'HveinnMakarR'TalTomal
Jhamelch'NarvNrassh'RreevSkavThrasAnlenthoris ch'VhendreniHravishran th'Zoarhi
Referenced only 
AhotaHaroun al-RashidGannet BrooksCheveyoLian Hua An GyatsoCharis IdahoKatowaElena KemperNelson KemperKolichiyawKwahuJie Cong LiLydia LittlejohnManfredNash McEvoyKeisha NaquasePowaqaQaletaquRebeccaNathan SamuelsYutaka ShimaTommyCharles Tucker IIElaine TuckerPell UnderhillThomas Vanderbilt
Referenced only 
Buzz AldrinNeil ArmstrongHenry ArcherHieronymus BoschRobert BrownRobert BruceCaenJulius CaesarZefram CochraneTresang DetsanEdward IAlbert EinsteinEmory EricksonPierre de FermatBenjamin FranklinSam GoldwynAttanasio Ewan HodgkinThomas JeffersonJesus of NazarethDwayne KellerIsaac NewtonPopéAyn RandWilliam ShakespeareMiguel SalazarOwen Salazar-TuckerAlfred TennysonAlbert TuckerElizabeth TuckerKojiro VanceVirgilVoltaireWilliam WallaceAndrew WilesMargaretha Geertruida Zelle
D'deridexD'soriaKarzanKhazaraNijilT'LeikhaT'LuadhTakrisTalokTerix (Tevik) • Valdore
Referenced only 
AgramGora bim GralPrevRagaavRunkaarShav
DenakKuvakL'VorSilokSinakSitokSivathSkonSopekSoval (Ch'uivh) • StakT'KumbraT'PauT'PelekT'VranVanikVorisYch'a
Referenced only 
Other characters
Tobin DaxKrellM'RekGrethe Zhor
Referenced only 
BuddhaD'ravsaiDaedalusLela DaxGodGreat SpiritJonahPhindaPhobosRejacSatanElizabeth T'Les Tucker

Starships and vehicles

dropshipescape podflitterIKS Mup'chIchskimmer crafttransport shuttleworkpod
Referenced only 
aerial droneairplaneApollo 13EdselUSS Enterprise CVN-65hopperjump-podKumarimohole-borerPhoenixsubmarineT'Plana-HathViking 2
Coalition of Planets
USS AdirondackUSS ArchonAtlantis (NX-05)USS CarolinaChallenger (NX-03)Christiaan BarnardColumbia (NX-02)USS Cooperdi’DeluS-classDiscovery (NX-04)USS DykstraDY-500-classEndeavour (NX-06)Enterprise (NX-01)USS EssexUSS Franklin RooseveltGankerevUSS HeinleinSS Intrepid (Intrepid-class) • Ka'Thelan KrotusUSS KearsargeKiri-kin-thaUSS Kon-TikiUSS LovellUSS MarylandMiracht (Phinda-class) • USS MontgomeryUSS OlympusUSS ProbertUSS PtolemySh'Raan-classUSS ShepardSheshShuttlepod OneSkevUSS Stephen DecaturT'JalTothUSS TripoliUSS Valley ForgeIGS WeytahnUSS YeagerUSS YorktownYravas-classUSS Zefram Cochrane
Referenced only 
ECS HorizonECS Kobayashi MaruTi'Mur
Romulan Star Empire
ChR DhivaelChR Terrh'Dhael
Referenced only 
ChR Nel Trenco
Starship and vehicle classes
Daedalus-classDY-500-classIntrepid-classNei'hrr-classNX-classPhinda-classSh'Raan-classT'Liss-classYravas-class fighter
Referenced only 


Referenced only 
AtlantisHellErebusVorta Vor
Space stations and starbases
Atlai'fehill Stelai ComplexJupiter StationProxima ShipyardStarbase 1 • Tarod IX (outpost) • Uaenn Ei'krih Outpost
Referenced only 
McKinley StationObama facilitySan Francisco Fleet Yards • Tezel-Oroko (listening post) • Titan OutpostUtopia Planitia Fleet Yards
40 Eridani A61 CygniAchernar systemAhiuan sectorAlpha Centauri system (ProximaQuindarRigil Kentaurus) • Altair systemAtlai'fehill systemAvrrhinulBerengaria systemBessel's StarBeta HydriBeta VirginisBoötes constellationBorkaCygnet system Cygnus constellationD'caernu'mneani systemDenebDraken systemEisnEridanus constellationGamma Hydra sectorHaakonaKappa Fornacis systemKuiper beltLanka-GarukhNevasaPiazzi's Flying StarProcyon systemSei'chi systemSol systemSummer TriangleTau CetiTaugan sectorTezel-OrokoVegaZeta 2 Reticuli
Referenced only 
Calder systemDelphic ExpanseDenobula Triaxa systemIsneih systemKaleb sectorOnias sector
Planets, planetoids, moons
Achernar IIAchernar PrimeAlpha Centauri IIIAlpha Eridani IIAltair VIAndoriaBerengaria VIIBerneg'hhaei LliBeta Hydri IVC'poryCaporyCygnet XIVD'caernu'mneani LliD'NevaDenevaDenevaeiDraed'ulheiEarthHaakona PrimeHaurok leh-kehHlai'vnaJupiterKaferiaLunaMarsNeptunePhobosProxima Centauri IIQo'noSRemusRomulusSaturnSei'chi SeiTarod IXTau Ceti IVTellarThhaeiThrellvia IVUranusVulcanZavijava V
Referenced only 
Adigeon PrimeArtaleirhCalder IICoridan IIIDeimosDelta PavonisDenobulaDraken IVDraylaxIsneih KreLoracus PrimeMatalas PrimeMercuryPhindaProxima Centauri IIT'RukhTalvathTaugus IIITrilanTrillValakisVestaVirinat
Achernar II (Heliopolis) • Alpha Centauri III (New ByzantiumNew Samarkand (Henry Archer Hall)) • Altair VI (Darro-Miller Dome) • Andoria (Aenar cityLaibokLaikanNorthern Wastes) • Berengaria VII (Vale of Mists) • Deneva (Lacon townshipSummer Islands Archipelago) • Luna • Mars (Margaritifer TerraOlympus MonsOphir PlanumPopé Pueblo (Ahota's Public HousePopé Boulevard) • Matalas (Matalas refugee camp) • Sinai PlanumSyria PlanumValles Marineris) • Phobos (Stickney crater) • Qo'noS (Great HallQam-Chee) • Romulus (Dartha (Hall of StateKrocton Segment) • Ir-DarthaSihaer nnea Rrhiol ch'Chulla) • Tau Ceti IV (Amber) • Vulcan (GolKirLake YuronMount SeleyaMount Tar'HanaOsana cavernsPlain of BloodRaalShiKahr (spaceport) • Surak's PeakT'Karath SanctuaryT'Klass's PillarVoroth SeaVulcan's ForgeVulcana Regar) • Zarijava V (Alaraph Central Spaceport)
Alabama (Grangeburg) • California (San Francisco (ChinatownEast BayKearny StreetHarrison BoulevardHitchcock StreetLotus BlossomMission DistrictSan Francisco BayStarfleet Headquarters) • Sausalito (Vulcan Compound)) • France (Paris (Obelisk of LuxorPlace de la ConcordeSeine River)) • New Mexico (Gordon Cooper Interplanetary SpaceportSierra CountyUpham) • North AmericaOregon (Enterprise) • Tibet (Lhasa (Barkhor SquareJokhang TempleJowo Utra))
Referenced only 
Artaleirh (Trilakis settlement) • Earth (Andorian diplomatic compoundAntarcticaBuenos AiresCanadaFloridaGettysburgGulf of MexicoLas VegasMill Valley (602 Club) • New ZealandPerisphereRadio City • San Francisco (Candlestick Park) • Scotland (Scottish Highlands) • TrylonVenezuelaWyomingYukon Territory) • Luna (Alan B. Shephard DomeLake ArmstrongNew BerlinSea of TranquillityTycho crater) • Mars (Ares City DomeBradbury SpaceportSagan StationUtopia Planitia) • P'Jem • Romulus (Apnex Sea) • Vulcan (L-langon Mountains)

Races and cultures

AenarAndorianCygnianDenobulanHaakonanHuman (ArabicAsianBritishEnglishHopiMartianNative AmericanPuebloScottishSyrianTerran) • Klingon (HemQuchQuchHa') • RomulanTellariteTrillVulcan/Thaessu
Referenced only 
AdigeonAntaranCoridaniteFri'slen • Human (AnasaziEgyptianMexicanMongolRomanSpanish) • OrionXindi

States and organizations

Andorian EmpireAndorian Imperial GuardAndorian Imperial Freight ServiceCanyontown CommissionCoalition of PlanetsCoalition of Planets Security CouncilCochrane Institute of Alpha CentauriConfederated Martian ColoniesContinuing CommitteeDytallix-Barsoom Resource Extraction CorporationEjhoi OrmiinGreat HouseKlingon EmpireKlingon High CouncilMartian Hopi-Pueblo nationMilitary Assault Command OrganizationParliament of United EarthPraetorateRomulan 5th LegionRomulan Star EmpireSection 31Solarcorp News ServiceStarfleet CommandStarfleet SecuritySyrranniteTal ShiarUnited EarthUnited Earth Space Probe AgencyUnited Earth StarfleetUnited Planets of TellarUnited States of AmericaV'SharVulcan Defense ForceVulcan High Command
Referenced only 
Apollo programAssembly of the Martian ColoniesBritish House of CommonsEarth Cargo ServiceEastern CoalitionFord Motor CompanyGoverning Council of the Confederated Martian ColoniesIroquois ConfederacyLondon KingsLunar ColoniesPony ExpressRoman EmpireRomulan Military AcademySymbiosis CommissionTerra PrimeUnited States NavyVulcan Defense DirectorateVulcan Science Academy

Ranks and titles

Adepts of SeleyaadministratorAdministrator of the Confederacy of VulcanadmiralagentaidealternambassadorassassinattachébiologistbureaucratcaptaincenturionChancellor of the High Council of the Klingon Empirechief engineerChief Investigatorchief medical officerchief technologistcolonelcommanderCommander of the Romulan Imperial Fleetcommodorecommunications officercorporalcorpsmancounselorcrewmanDalai Lamadecuriondiplomatdoctoreditorenergy-extraction specialistensignengineerFirst Consulfirst officerfleet admiralForeign Minister of the Andorian EmpireForeign Minister of the Confederacy of Vulcanfrontier laborerfrontier merchantgeneralgunnerhelmsmanintelligence specialistInterior Minister of United Earthinterrogatorjournalistkinglieutenantlieutenant commanderlinguistmagistratemâitre d'majorMartian Representativemaster sergeantmathematicianmedicmedical technicianmonknursephysicistpolitical officerPraetor of the Romulan Star EmpirePrime Minister of United Earthprivateproconsulpsychologistreporterscience officerscientistsenatorsergeantshamansheriffsociologistsoldierspystewardsubalternsubcommandertactical officertailortechniciantradertribal chiefuhlanundertakerUnited Earth Secretary of Defensevegetarianvice admiralwaiterwarp scientistwatch officerweapons officeryeoman

Science and technology

adrenalineairlockamnesiaanthropologyantigravantimatterantimatter containmentareothermal heatatmosphere (mesosphere) • avaihh lli vastambarometric pressureblack holebloodBrownian movementcamcardiac arrestCelsiuschronometercirculatory systemcloaking devicecometcommand-and-controlcommunicatorcomputerCymbeline blood burndata chipdata moduledelta radiationdiagnostic bedelectromagnetic pulseEM-bandenvironmental suitevent horizonfarmingforensicsfrequencygamma radiationgas giantgenetic engineeringgenegeothermalgrapplergravitygravity plateHodgkin's Lawholophotoholovidhypothermiainertiainertial compensatorinfonetintercomintercoolerion stormionizationjamming signallaser sharpenerlife supportlog buoylungmagnatomic flux constrictormagnetic fieldmagneto-pausemalwaremassmatter-antimatter annihilation chambermat'drihmedical scannermeteormeterminingonkianosteoregeneratorPa'nar Syndromepaddphase coil inverterphysicsplasma conduitplasma flow regulatorplasma streamplastic surgerypolarized hull platingpower cellpower relaypressure domeprinterprobeQu'Vat virusradiationradiation-resistant windowred giantsatellitescannersensorsensor ghostsociologysolventsternumsubspacesubspace bandsubspace communicationsubspace navigation beamsubspace sensor nodetelepathyterraformingthrustertidetime traveltractor beamtranslation matrixtransporterTuvan Syndromeultravioletuniversal translatorvasoconstrictionvertigowaningwarp coilwarp core breachwarp drivewarp-field detection gridwarp five enginewavelengthwaxingwriting padd
Materials and substances
adobeakhoiialuminumcopperdiamonddilithiumduraniumgallicitegluegoldgranitehydrogen sulfidehyronalinironkelbonitekevamethanemonocrystal cortenumnhaihplasteelpergiumpolyalloypolyferranidepolysilicate verteriumRaalan steelregolithrodiniumrubbersaltsherawoodsilversteelsulfatriptansulfurtransparent aluminumtrellium-Dtrilliumuridiumverterium cortenide
Plants and animals
alem-vedikalicorneAltairian blowflybeaglebearbirdcoyotedogDraco berengariusdragonfavinitfleafruitg'tethgespargrelthhawkhla’methhlai’hwyhnoiyikahorneti'su'keic'tanice borerIn'hhui'lasendtKaferian rosevinele-matyaleechlemonmarlinmouseoalleaOsmotic eelpigplomeekpotatoPyrithian batRegulan bloodwormrillan gourdRisan jackrabbitsehlatshavokhsharkspidersquidstarfishtargtreevegetablewhalewillowwolf
arrenhe'hwiuabat'lethdisruptorghojmehgrenadeHonor bladelirpaminenuclear weaponphase cannonphase pistolphotonic torpedopistolrubidium laserself-destructspearthermal chargetricheq bladeUshaan-Tor

Other references

aehfAeneidafter-action reportairponic trellisarrondissementAustralian dollarAxiomsbankbeachheadbedblanketBönpoboogiemanBook of Lukebootbosun’s whistleBraveheartbrigBuddhismcancaptain’s dining roomcardscarnivalcasinocenterpiecechairchampagne ceremonyThe Charge of the Light BrigadeChristmascloakCoalition Compactcollegecommendationconvoycotcottoncredit chitcutlerydemagoguerydemocracydeskdhadiplomacydistress calldocumentarydog tagdollar coinduffeldungeonduty shiftEarth Starfleet uniformehrieEnglish languageevasive maneuversexecutive ordereyeglassesfirst contactfishingfishing rodflaskfootballfreedom of the pressFrench languageFundamental Declarations of the Martian ColoniesfutongardengarrisongenieGermanghostglovegolfGrange PopulismGreat StyGreekgreenhousegunboat diplomacyhabakhathelmetHigh RihannsuhistoryHodgkin's LawhorseshoehotelhwiID chipIDICincenseinterrogationjacketjolan'trujournalistic ethicsjujukahs-wankash-to'es-khaukatrakhoeyKing James Biblekllhe'mnhekolinahrkrekroykahkus-vakh belllampLanka-GarukhLatinlatrunculolibrarylighthouselinenllhusralog houseLunar hablunar schoonerMACO uniformmanifestomansionMarxismmatmatriarchymeasuring tapemedicine drummeditationmedkitMeltdown Nihilismmind meldmnha'llimom-and-popmonoculturemutinynewspaperNewstimeNight Flyersno-win scenarionvaimnObjectivist-LibertarianismOld High Vulcanpaperpapier mâchéphotographpierpinkskinpitchforkpool tablepooper-scooperpriority messageprotestquartersqui'lariready roomrefugee campriotrobeRomulan Imperial Fleet uniformsafe housesewingsexismshelthrethshrapnelsilent runningsoccersocial ossificationsofasolardermSpanish languageStarfleet Chartersteki’ehrhestretcherSurakian logicTactical Plan Alphatarmactaverntown halltoytrade sanctiontriageTrojan horsetrousertunictwineUnited Earth ConstitutionV'ShanvaliseVulcan lyrewortxenophobiayogazen
Food and drink
aafvun'in'hhuialicorne steakAndorian alebeerbreadbubblegumChinese dumplingcoffeecotton candye-rategg drop soupFesoan grainwinefruit juiceGanymedan whiskeyGeneral Tso's chickenkali-fallemonademeatmongolian beefosol twistplomeek soupricesandwichscotchsoupa avgolemonosteakvegetableviinerineVulcan spice teawaterwhiskeywine
Events and eras
16801939 New York World's Fair20952109211421332152215321542140s7th century20th century21st centuryAmerican EnlightenmentAttack on Pearl HarborApollo eraCapricornCoridan disasterCretaceousD'ruhdierhaEarth-Romulan War (Battle of Alpha CentauriBattle of Tarod IXFall of Threllvia IVFirst Battle of Altair VIFirst Battle of BerengariaFirst Battle of DenevaInvasion of Calder IIInvasion of CaporyInvasion of Draken IVKobayashi Maru IncidentSecond Battle of Altair VISecond Battle of BerengariaSecond Battle of Deneva) • eisaeet'KhiorFesoan Lor’veln YearFirst Contact DayfvheisnGold Rush eraGreat AwakeningGundersdottir's Dome RebellionIron AgeJeffersonian-eraK'ri'BraxK'ri'liorkhaidoaKhutiLeolirt'kPueblo Revoltre'T'Khutaire’T’KhutarRed Planet general strikesRomulan-Haakonan War (Occupation of Haakona) • siurenSolSoo'jensummerT'ke'Tasta’KratTasmeentevun’krusVulcan-Romulan WarWild WestWorld War IIIXindi crisisYear of KahlessYear of ShiKahrZ'at



Published Order
Previous novel:
Kobayashi Maru
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To Brave the Storm
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Kobayashi Maru
Stories by:
Michael A. Martin
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The Needs of the Many
Chronological Order
Previous adventure:
The Sundered
Chapter 13
Memory Beta Chronology Next adventure:
August 1680 
Pueblo Revolt
April 5, 2063 
First Contact Day
War of Martian Independence
July 22-30, 2155 
re'Ti'Khutai, year of ShiKahr 8764
November 18, 2155 
Thirteenthmoon, Fesoan Lorveln year 463
January 21, 2156 
February 10-11, 2156 
Tasmeen, year of Surak 8764
March 9-10, 2156 
Z'at (Vulcan month)
March 11-18, 2156 
39th of K'ri'lior
et'Khior (Romulan month)
April 3, 2156 
Month of D'ruh
May 22, 2156 
Month of re'T'Khutai
  • 2009, October, first published in trade paperback by Pocket Books.
  • 2011, March, reprinted in mass market paperback by Pocket Books.



  • In the early stages of conception for this book the editor, Margaret Clark, considered presenting the story of the Romulan War as either a trilogy of mass-market-paperbacks or one large trade-paperback book [1]. In July 2008 it was announced the format had settled on the large trade-paperback[2]. Additional information on the project released in December 2008 revealed that despite the choice to go with a single larger format this book would start, but not complete, the story of the entire conflict[3].
  • Clark told the writer to think of the Romulans like North Korea, drawing on the tradition in Star Trek to parallel real world events: "Gene's stories were always tales about today. In Gene's day, they were China. But now, you have North Korea. It's a totally closed society, which explains why we don't know what Romulans look like. The Romulan Praetor… he's like Precious Leader."[4]
  • This novel references SkiKahr once, and most likely was meant to be Shikahr. (Page 239)

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