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Benedetta Alonzo was a Human Italian female enlisted in the Federation Starfleet, in the mid-22nd century.


Federation Starfleet

By 2165, she served on the USS Endeavour in the security division with the rank of crewman.

On May 27 of that year, Alonzo was part of a strike team that stormed the hideout of former-Administrator V'Las's hardliners in the Irinthar Mountains of Vulcan. Led by Lieutenant commander Takashi Kimura and Director Surel of Vulcan Security, the team attempted to secure the facility and capture anyone they could, but the movement's leaders escaped. When the team thought they had secured the facility Alonzo was shot in the shoulder by V'Las's loyalists and dragged out of the line of fire by Crewman Valmar, regardless the loyalists had activated the base's self destruct system. Alonzo and her team were beamed out in the last second, but several members were killed. Alonzo received treatment from Doctor Phlox in the Endeavour's sickbay and had reported seeing Director Surel place his hand on Kimura’s face not knowing he was attempting a mind meld.

Later on June 3, Alonzo was stationed at tactical on the Endeavour's bridge monitoring the team that had been dispatched to rescue Admiral Jonathan Archer and Captain T'Pol from V'Las and his people in the Burning Lake area down on Vulcan. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Uncertain Logic)

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