Bennek was a Cardassian male and cleric of the Oralian Way.

In 2318, Bennek was sent, along with Hadlo, as part of a delegation to make first contact with Bajor. While there, he was able to sense many similarities between the Way and Bajoran religion. He mentioned this to Hadlo and he agreed. Later, they were taken to the Kendra Monastery where Hadlo was given the chance to view the Orb of Truth. Bennek was very concerned when Hadlo seemed shaky after the experience, but was soon reassured and agreed to help Hadlo set up enclaves of the Way on Bajor.

In 2323, Bennek led a group of Oralians to Bajor aboard the Lhemor. When they arrived at Cemba Station, in orbit of Bajor, the Lhemor exploded, trapping the Oralians and a group of Bajorans. Bennek was able to help save this group by using his skills as a transporter operator, which he had learned before joining the Way, to beam everyone to a Bajoran ship. Later that year, Bennek was informed of Hadlo's death and told that he must now lead the followers of the Way.

In 2328, he was still leading the Oralians after they were kicked out of their enclaves by Cardassian soldiers. The Oralians had set up one large tent city outside of Korto and Bennek was responsible for the safety of everyone inside, including Tima, his Bajoran lover. This position was not always easy and the camp was soon attacked. The attack forced Bennek to run away and try to save the relics of the Way, but was turned away by Pasir Letin, disguised as Gar Osen. (TLE - Terok Nor novel: Day of the Vipers)

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