Bernadette Fuller, also known as Nadette, was a human female who lived in the 21st and 22nd centuries. Her mother, Vera Fuller, was one of the initial settlers of the Terra Nova colony.

When an asteroid impact unleashed toxic radiation over the colony, most of the adults in the colony died. Bernadette and the younger members of the colony survived, and were forced into tunnels underneath the colony. Over the years Bernadette forgot her human origins and became known as Nadette.

In 2151, the Terra Nova colony was rediscovered by the Enterprise. By then Nadette was suffering from advanced lung cancer. She was cured by Doctor Phlox. Captain Jonathan Archer found a picture of her and her mother, reawakening Bernadette's childhood memories of herself and her mother. It was Nadette who convinced the other colonists to move to uncontaminated land discovered by the Enterprise. (ENT episode: "Terra Nova")

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