Bersh glov Mog was a Tellarite male chief engineer serving on the USS Endeavour in the 23rd century. He was particularly close friends with Commander Atish Khatami, and often provided a sounding board for her when she needed it. (VAN novels: Harbinger, Summon the Thunder)

When Captain Zhao Sheng was killed in action and Khatami was promoted to Captain, she offered the position of first officer to Mog. He turned it down, saying she would be gaining a mediocre "babysitter" at the expense of an excellent chief engineer. (VAN novel: Summon the Thunder)

Mog, along with most of his engineering staff, was killed in 2268 during the battle with a Tholian Armada at Starbase 47 when a Tholian disruptor beam ruptured the Endeavour's matter/antimatter mix system, flooding the engineering compartment with fatal levels of hyperionizing radiation. Despite this, Mog continued to keep the Endeavour in the battle until he succumbed to radiation poisoning. (VAN novel: Storming Heaven)

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