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First in a new series that collects the very best Star Trek comics from the past three decades. Star Trek Archives: Vol. 1. Best of Peter David collects five Star Trek: The Original Series stories written by fan-favorite writer Peter David (Star Trek: New Frontier). Bill Mumy (Lost in Space) co-writes three issues, and one issue is illustrated by legendary comic artist Curt Swan. The stories in this volume focus on the first crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise—Captain Kirk, Spock, Dr. McCoy, Scotty, and Mr. Chekov.


Title Writer(s) Artist(s) First published Cover
Retrospect Peter David Curt Swan & Ricardo Villagran 1988

DC TOS, first series, annual #3
DC1 Annual 3
A Rude Awakening! Peter David & Bill Mumy Gordon Purcell & Arne Starr October 1990

DC TOS, second series, #13
DC2 13
Great Expectations! Peter David & Bill Mumy Gordon Purcell & Arne Starr December 1990

DC TOS, second series, #14
DC2 14
Tomorrow Never Knows! Peter David & Bill Mumy Gordon Purcell & Arne Starr January 1991

DC TOS, second series, #15
DC2 15
Once a Hero! Peter David Gordon Purcell & Arne Starr May 1991

DC TOS, second series, #19
DC2 19


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