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M-113 Beta

A holographic Beta.

The Beta was an animalistic member of Species M-113, also known as salt vampires. A Beta was a mature, combat-ready creature and represented the second-highest rank in their hierarchy. (STO - New Romulus mission: "Mine Trap")

Appearance and specificationsEdit

The Beta did not wear clothing. Its hunched but humanoid body was covered in dark beige fur, leaving the face and extremities exposed. These parts were scaly and blueish grey-skinned. Long, wavy hair extended from the scalp, and a pair of lines made of spikes ran from the forehead over the scalp to the neck. (STO - New Romulus mission: "Mine Trap")

In combat, Betas did not carry weapons and instead relied on their claws for melee attacks. For ranged attacks, they weakened their prey by putting them in a powerful hypnotic hold, and draining them of salt. It could confuse its victim, making it target allies rather than the attacking Beta. The Beta was stronger than the adult, and weaker than the Alpha. Compared to the forces of the Alpha Quadrant Alliance, its abilities and strength were equivalent to the commander rank. (STO - New Romulus mission: "Mine Trap", STO - Reckoning mission: "Arena of Sompek")


Since the year 2265, Starfleet believed Species M-113, native to planet M-113 and once a functional civilization, extinct. (TOS episode: "The Man Trap")

In 2409, a horde of Species M-113 emerged from the underground in the Hfihar system and began attacking the Romulan Republic colonists of the Hfihar mining colony. While the M-113 creature could not derive salt from Vulcanoids, the revived species had been genetically modified and where a threat to Romulans. An Allied party present at the colony fought the Species M-113 creatures and guided the evacuation of the colonists. (STO - New Romulus mission: "Mine Trap")

Following the end of the Iconian War in 2410, the salt vampire attacks on the Hfihar mining colony ceased. (STO - New Dawn mission: "Mine Trap")

The AQA kept practicing ground combat against members of this species in the Arena of Sompek on Qo'noS, at the invitation of General "Rodek". (STO - Reckoning mission: "Arena of Sompek")

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