Betelgeuse butter was a type of butter used as a food ingredient, originating in the Delta Quadrant. This foodstuff was part of the culinary repertoire of the Talaxian traveler Neelix.

Betelgeuse butter was used by Neelix in making the dough for komar cookies. The other ingredients in the dough included rattle fern caviar and Turian stardust. Neelix noted that the chefs of the Komar civilization also used wineworm blood in preparing the dough, but he felt that this strong flavoring distracted from what was already an "intense taste". (ST reference: Star Trek Cookbook)

A possible namesake of this food, the star system at Betelgeuse, is located quite a distance from the Delta Quadrant, making it likely that Neelix and the Delta Quadrant inhabitants learned of this from someone originating in the Alpha or Beta Quadrants, unless the name is simply a coincidence.
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