Betrisius III (or Betrisius) was a planet in the Betrisius Major system, in or near Federation territory, and homeworld to an intelligent humanoid race called Betrisians.

Betrisius was divided into a number of provinces, the primary one being home to a group calling themselves the Lisqual. The capital city of the Lisqual province was Gisela.

At one point in their history, as crime became rampant in their society, the Betrisians created a method of behavioral modification, using a neural mediator to stimulate certain parts of the brains of convicted criminals, or "reformants". By the early to mid 24th century, this system became the object of alleged abuse, with the Lisqual government conscripting these reformants into military service, or else extending their sentences in order to maintain a large worker class for their society.

In 2376, the United Federation of Planets made first contact with Betrisius. Among the Betrisius government officials to first meet the Federation was a member of the Reformation Ministry named Dolanara. Over the course of the following year, the Federation Diplomatic Corps engaged in talks with planetary leaders, and by mid 2377 had petitioned for Federation membership. By this point, however, Dolanara became bothered by the way her people were hiding the full truth about the reformants from the Federation, at which point she resolved to expose these abuses by directing the reformants to perform acts of civil disobedience. The USS da Vinci was dispatched to Betrisius Major when these unexplained demonstrations began, ultimately stopping Dolanara and fully exposing the government's abuses. (CoE eBook: Turn the Page)

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