Bey Toh was a male Bajoran who served as a speechwriter for several political dignitaries in the 24th century.

Bey worked on the staff of First Minister Kalem Apren of Bajor, and of his successor, Shakaar Edon. Following Bajor's joining the Federation in 2376, he took a new position as head speechwriter for Worf, the Federation Ambassador to the Klingon Empire. (TNG novel: A Time for War, A Time for Peace)

Following the election of Nanietta Bacco as President of the United Federation of Planets in 2379, and subsequent resignation of Ambassador Worf, Bacco's head speechwriter Fred MacDougan offered Bey a position on the president's staff. Their meeting took place at Sisko's Creole Kitchen in New Orleans, which became his favorite restaurant on Earth.

In 2380, Bey was approached by a Triexian with information on a secret court order made by judicial council nominee Artrin na Yel eight years prior, which forced Artrin's resignation from the Federation Council. (ST novel: Articles of the Federation)

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