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Billings was a male human who served in the operations division as a navigator aboard the USS Enterprise in the 23rd century.

History[edit | edit source]

In the year 2274, as the Enterprise outfitted the USS Icarus for a 1,000-year-long, extra-galactic exploration mission, Billings remarked to Hikaru Sulu that he couldn’t believe Janice Rand would really go through with it, spending the rest of her life isolated from the rest of humanity.

Billings plotted the Enterprise’s course for Cytherius in the Duran system, and later an intercept course for the distressed Icarus in the Ilyria system. He tracked Icarus heading into a disturbance that he didn’t recognize. James T. Kirk called it a white hole, and Billings followed Icarus through it into an inter-dimensional corridor, then back to normal space. He attended a briefing to determine a means of stopping Icarus before it collided with the planet Phaeton. As a boarding party tried to stop the runaway ship, Billings and Sulu set the Enterprise on a last-ditch collision course. Icarus diverted at the last moment. (TOS comic: "Eclipse of Reason")

Though his rank was not cited in dialogue, Billings wore a class-B uniform with a gold Starfleet insignia and gold epaulets, indicative of serving in the operations division with a rank of lieutenant commander.

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