Beluddin is a mountain and the site of an active volcano on the planet Alpha 332.


Members of the Paraca race lived in a mountainside settlement and revered Beluddin as a god of peace. They interpreted its increasing sulfurous emissions as a sign that it was angered by a deadly conflict between the Paracas and the Turracas, a gorilla-like race who lived on the far side of the mountain. Turracas considered Beluddin a symbol of war. Their leader Turr believed he controlled the fires of the mountain.


In 2266, sensors aboard the starship USS Enterprise picked up an audible amplification of telepathic prayers to Beluddin. Computers predicted a major eruption, perhaps within hours, so James T. Kirk and Spock beamed down to the mountain. Despite thick gases obscuring their vision, the two officers located the Paracas and convinced them to evacuate.

Hoping to warn the Turracas as well, Kirk and Spock rode Paraca beasts around to the far side of the mountain, but they were captured and were forced to climb to the top of the mountain to be sacrificed. Despite several appeals, the Turracas would not leave, and Kirk and Spock were forced to beam back to the Enterprise just as the volcano erupted. (TOS comic: "The Gods Have Come!")



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