Vidiian B-P

A Bio-probe used by the Vidiians in the 2370s

The Bio-probe was device used by the Vidiians as a way to fight the Phage virus. It was used by Vidiian Honattas as way to harvest organs from corpses and healthy living victims.

The bio-probe was capable of conducting a biological scan down to the micro-cellular level with a quantum imaging scanner, stunning a victim with a neural resonator and harvesting the victim's organs by transporting them out of the body. (VOY episodes: "Phage", "Deadlock"; ST reference: The Visual Dictionary)

The Federation had its own version of a bio-probe in 2369, though it was used only to confirm certain diseases such as Kalla-Nohra Syndrome. (DS9 episode: "Duet") It was not as powerful as the Vidiian bio-probe.

The USS Voyager's crew encountered the Vidiians' version of the bio-probe when Neelix's lungs were taken by a Honnatta named Dereth. (VOY episodes: "Phage", "Deadlock")

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