Overseer Biron was a male Androssi of the officer class, and commanded an Androssi salvage vessel during the 2370s.

In 2375 and 2376, Biron's missions for his various clients were disrupted twice by Captain David Gold and the crew of the USS da Vinci; once on Maeglin; and the second encounter occured on the abandoned Cardassian space station, Empok Nor. Following the encounter on Empok Nor, Biron had learned to respect the da Vinci crew, and made it his mission to learn all that he could about them. (SCE eBooks: Cold Fusion, War Stories, Book 1)

Eventually he was able to track down a Yridian trader who could provide him log entries and personnel files for members of the da Vinci crew, as repayment for repairs to his vessel. A deal was struck and Biron's crew began repairing the Yridian vessel, however, once Biron got his hands on the log entries, he had the replacement equipment aboard the Yridian vessel enter Dimension 7, thus destroying the Yridian ship.

After reading through the log entries, Biron was confident that he had learned how the da Vinci crew worked together, and was determined that in their encounter he would be victorious. (SCE eBook: War Stories, Book 1)

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