This article is about the concept of a black star. You may be looking for the Black Star located in Sector 006.

A black star (or type-3 singularity) is a type of collapsed star which has a high gravity field generated by a resulting singularity. Unlike a conventional black hole, a black star is created when a collapsing stellar mass becomes a singularity that is surrounded by a chroniton field and other types of exotic subatomic particles that create a unique sort of space-time disruption probability. A cushioning effect to objects caught by such disruptions is caused by the disruption damping the Cauchy horizon normally associated with singularities of similar properties. (DTI novel: Watching the Clock)

In 2267, the USS Enterprise encountered two black stars over the course of a number of months. In the first encounter with a black star, the eponymous Black Star of Sector 006, Enterprise was able to escape from the gravitational field, but was shot backwards in time to the 1960s. (TOS episode: "Tomorrow is Yesterday")

In the second encounter the Enterprise became ensnared in the gravitational field of such a star and faced certain destruction. However, Ensign Pavel Chekov was able to plot a course out of the star's gravity field and save the ship. (TOS short story: "Indomitable")

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