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In an alternate timeline where a Sindareen time traveller murdered Deanna Troi during a peace conference, Blair was a 25th century officer, a Chameloid who served as science officer in Starfleet in the 2400s decade. (TNG - Imzadi Forever novel: Imzadi)

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In the late 2400s, Lieutenant Blair served as science officer aboard the Federation starship USS Enterprise-F. At the time, Blair appeared as a tall, bulky and dark-furred humanoid. His Starfleet uniform was tailored specifically for his large frame.

In the year 2408, Lieutenant Blair accompanied his commanding officer, Commodore Data to Forever World, the site of the Guardian of Forever time portal.

On their next mission, the Enterprise was to ferry Admiral William T. Riker from Betazed to his post on Starbase 86. Blair exchanged a customary handshake with the admiral.

Later, Data had Blair accompany him to the surface of the Rock of Ages. Riker had commandeered the USS Chance under fabricated orders, and planned to undo Sindareen manipulation of the timeline. Following Riker to the past, Blair and Data arrived on the USS Enterprise-D in 2368. Blair knocked a Luss delegate out and took his place. The downtime Commander William T. Riker entered Troi's quarters while the counselor was intimate with the disguised Blair. Riker and Blair fought while Troi struggled to take an antidote to a 25th century poison. Lieutenant Worf, security chief of the Enterprise-D, disabled Blair with a phaser on stun. Blair, returning to his Chameloid appearance. Worf's security team incarcerated Blair in the brig.

After exposing the Sindareen assassin Mar Eloc, the four time travelers returned to the Gateway Planet in 2408, including Lieutenant Blair. Initially, they retained the memories of their timeline, before the party left the Guardian's vicinity to align with the prime timeline. (TNG - Imzadi Forever novel: Imzadi)

In the primary universe, the Enterprise-F was launched in 2409. (ST video game: Star Trek Online)

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