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En route to Sector 24A to observe the formation of a new star, the USS Enterprise-A is diverted upon receiving a distress call from a Ramazian ship carrying R.J. Blaise, the starship's former Federation diplomatic protocol officer, trapped at the edge of a black hole. When transported aboard, her arrival ignites old romantic tensions with Captain Kirk. After rescuing Ms. Blaise, the crew receives word that the peace treaty negotiated between the Ramazians and the Landorians is in jeopardy of collapse, and are ordered by Starfleet Command to intervene in the situation. En route, the starship is intercepted by a Landorian battlecruiser, and a parlay at the neutral planet of Nirobi III requested by her commander. It transpires that Blaise is being pursued by the warlord, who she offended during negotiations. The Federation orders Kirk to resolve the situation, even if it means handing over Blaise to the warlord. With Captain Kirk rejecting the proposal outright, the Landorian ship opens fire on the Enterprise, but Ms. Blaise finally urges him to accept. Beaming down to the surface, Kirk engages the Landorian commander in one-on-one combat for the Federation diplomat, Kirk ultimately emerging victorious—and the Landorian party leaving in disgust. The Enterprise-A drops Ms. Blaise off at Starbase 42, to await transport back to Earth.



R.J. BlaisePavel ChekovDarrichJames T. KirkLeonard McCoyPaulSaavikMontgomery ScottSpockStaciTuchinskyNyota UhuraUSS Enterprise-A personnelunnamed Ramazians
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Janice Rand

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USS Enterprise


Nirobi IIIStarbase 42
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Chronian IIIEarthLandorRamaz IIISector 24A

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Federation StarfleetUnited Federation of Planets

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black holebridgecaptaindistress callhonorionphasersensortransportertransporter roomyeoman


  • Janice Rand's middle initial, L., is given in this story.