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Blaze of Glory was a CCG expansion set released in August 1999 as part of the First Edition Star Trek Customizable Card Game from Decipher. This release was the first Decipher CCG set to offer special foil cards in addition to the 130 standard cards. Blaze of Glory contained 50 rare cards, 40 uncommon cards and 40 common cards, and 18 cards in the foil format. This set was sold in 9 card booster packs, and was popular enough to sell out as a complete printing in less time then any other First Edition Decipher expansion set.

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  • A good day To live
  • Bat'leth tournament
  • Chart stellar cluster

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  • Commandeer ship
  • Examine singularity
  • Impersonate captive
  • Prepare the prisoner

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  • Attack wing
  • Borg cutting beam
  • "Crimson forcefield"
  • Evasive maneuvers
  • Full phaser spread
  • Maximum firepower
  • Phased polaron beam
  • Photon torpedo
  • Picard Maneuver
  • Plasma torpedo
  • Pulse phaser cannons
  • Quantum torpedo
  • Spiral-wave disruptor
  • Strafing run
  • Target engines
  • Target shields
  • Target these coordinates
  • Target weapons

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