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The Bleth Choas-class was a type of carrier-based fighter used by the Breen Confederacy in the 2400s.


Ships of this class were carried aboard vessels in a Breen battle group that attacked Klingon Emperor Kahless in the Sanek system in 2409. The entire battle group was subsequently destroyed by Klingon Defense Force ships that responded to a distress call from the emperor's flagship IKS Batlh. (STO mission: "Destiny")

Other fighters were seen during Breen attacks on Deferi forces in the Kelvani Belt and at Deferi Outpost 3. (STO mission: "Aiding the Deferi")

Additional flights of these vessels were deployed by a Sarr Theln-class warship that attacked Ambassador Surah's starship Jeska in orbit of Defera. (STO mission: "Cold Call")

Technical data[]

The Bleth Choas-class was exclusively a carrier-based spacecraft and operated from bays aboard Sarr Theln and Rezreth-class starships. (ST video game: Star Trek Online)



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It is unclear whether this is the same class as the Breen fighters that were involved in the raid on San Francisco in 2375, so it has been listed separately.


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