Blind Man's Bluff is a Star Trek: New Frontier novel by Peter David was Published April 26th 2011 by Pocket Books in the trade paperback format.

Gallery Books Published an ebook edition April 26th 2011.

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From the Simon and Schuster online catalogue
Captain MacKenzie Calhoun has faced incredible odds before, but nothing he has ever experienced could prepare him for the simultaneous threats from two of the most destructive forces he’s ever encountered. The first is the D’myurj—a mysterious and powerful alien race bent on either the complete domination of humanity or its destruction . . . a potentially massive risk to the very foundations of Starfleet, one that goes so deep it’s impossible to determine whom to trust. The second is even more alarming: Morgan Primus, once a living creature with a soul and a conscience, now an incredibly sophisticated computer simulation taking up residence within the very core of the U.S.S. Excalibur . . . and quickly becoming a growing menace for the Federation. MacKenzie Calhoun is playing a dangerous game as he attempts to outwit and outmaneuver these new enemies, with the fate of the Excalibur crew members and potentially the lives of billions at stake. . . .


Calhoun reports to Nechayev on his suspicion the D'myurj are using human body suits to infiltrate and his belief Morgan Primus must be deactivated. However, after he has gone Nechayev contacts Morgan to suggest a plan to dispose of Calhoun. Xyon is paid to inform Calhoun that alien soldiers have been seen on Xenex, prompting him to take the Excalibur to the planet to investigate. The report proves false but Morgan then strands Calhoun on the planet, using holograms to make it appear he returned with the rest of the away team. The planet is then attacked by the Brethren, working for the Visionary, but Calhoun leads his people in guerilla warfare and manages to defeat them and capture their ship.

Starfleet are next approached by Tusari Gyn, who requests Calhoun come to New Thallon to negotiate peace. In fact, he is working with Nechayev. When the Excalibur arrives at the planet, Morgan takes control of the ship and fires on the surface, killing thousands. Nechayev declares Calhoun and his crew rogue and orders all starships to destroy the Excalibur on sight.

In the meantime, acting under instructions from Calhoun, Soleta recruits Robin, Seven of Nine and the Doctor to develop a virus to destroy Morgan. They track down the Excalibur and convince her to beam them aboard. She deactivates the data chip Soleta is carrying but the real virus is contained in the Doctor's mobile emitter and persuades to erase Morgan from the computer core and cripple the ship. The USS Dauntless arrives on the scene but a combination of Jellico's presence onboard, the Excalibur crew signalling an SOS with the running lights and Calhoun's arrival convinces them to hold their fire.

Working with Calhoun and Jellico, Soleta performs a forcible mind meld on Nechayev, which causes Nechayev to melt and leaves Soleta in a coma. Calhoun then receives words that the Brethren have attacked Xenex in force, slaughtering nearly the entire population.

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Borg CollectiveFederation CouncilNew Thallonian ProtectorateStarfleetStarfleet AcademyStarfleet SecurityThallonian CouncilUnited Federation of Planets

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29th centuryaccess ladderalcoholaleanalgesic creamantapple tartarmoraway teambatBlind Man's Bluffbooby trapbookbootbridgebutterflycatcenturychameleonchesscityclothingcockroachcolonycontinentcorkcouchcourt martialcreditcrowdaydecadedecanterdistress calldogDominion WareagleemotionempathyengineeringfencingfleaflowerFrench languageGeneral Order 12genocideGerman languageghostglassgoosegranitegrassgrozithailing frequencyHeidelberg fencinghelmethistoryironjackaljacketJefferies tubekissklaxonlaboratorylanding baylanding partylanguagelemminglionlogicmagicmagic wandmarriagemausoleummeatloafmemorial servicemetalmilitarymilkmind meldmoneymonthMorse codemountainmousemutinynapkinnovelnutomeletoperapaintingpaperpaper weightphilosophyPhotons Be FreepillowplanetplasticPlomeek souppokerprotracted information dumppuppetpyrequartersrankratready roomred alertrockrodiniumRomulan alesaucer sectionsciencescience stationself destructshuttlebaysickbaysmugglingsnailSOSspaceportStarfleet CharterStarfleet uniformstatueStone AgesuicidetechnologytelepathyTen-Forwardtorchtoweltransporter roomtreeturkeyuniformvaseweaponwheatyardstickyearyellow alert



  • This novel was the second New Frontier novel published in the trade paperback format, and the first in the series to be published under Simon and Schuster’s new imprint, Gallery Books; the previous imprint, Pocket Books, having moved to only publishing books in mass market paperback format.
  • The novel was initially announced at the Shore Leave convention in 2009, scheduled for publication in June or July of 2010 when it was suggested it would be set before the events of Star Trek: Destiny[1] By January 2010 it had apparently been removed from the schedule[2], but was later listed on Simon and Schuster's website, revealing it to have just been pushed back; then scheduled for release in January 2011, and titled Resolutions[3]. As of March 2010 that working title had been dropped, in favour of the current title [4].
  • In April 2011, Peter David commented that Blind Man's Bluff may be the "last hurrah of New Frontier", due to it being the last novel in his current contract and silence on the issue from Pocket Books. [5]. This ominous message predicted a long hiatus until NF did return with an eBook release, The Returned.


  • Tusari Gyn is identified as being Thallonian, while other sources describe him as being Boragi.


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