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Bloemker was a female Human Starfleet security officer assigned to the USS Enterprise-A sometime following the whale probe incident in the 23rd century. (TOS movie: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)


In the year 2286, she was part of a landing party assigned to investigate the destruction of a Federation colony on Omnicron Ceti IV by a renegade Starfleet vessel. During this mission, Bloemker was murdered by the fugitive Garth of Izar, who used his Antosian cellular metamorphosis abilities to assume her identity and masquerade as her aboard the Enterprise. The ruse was part of an effort by Garth to assassinate Captain James T. Kirk, who had disgraced Garth several years earlier. During a telepathically-induced, shipwide hallucination of Dante's Inferno, Kirk saw Bloemker's body encased in ice in the ninth circle of Hell; this served as a foreshadowing of Bloemker's "betrayal" of the crew, as she had been replaced by Garth. Garth later assumed the identity of Ensign Bearclaw, who was then framed for the failed murder attempt against Kirk. Bloemker's naked body was found soon after amongst the ruins of the Omicron Ceti colony by Federation investigators, led by Sean Finnegan. Garth, once again posing as the deceased Bloemker, later escorted Finnegan and his aide to their quarters aboard the Enterprise, leading Finnegan to recognize her as the dead woman from the colony. When Finnegan attempted to confront her, Garth incapacitated him and assumed his identity. Kirk later confronted Garth as Finnegan during a botched practical joke, and was able to apprehend him. (TOS - Who Killed Captain Kirk? comic: "Marriage of Inconvenience")

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