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The bloodfire was a plague which ravaged the Kevrata for many generations. The Romulans had no interest in curing the plague, and attempts at soliciting help from Federation doctors led to the spread of the virus to the other species living on Arvada III colony. Eventually, the virus mutated and afflicted the Romulans. (TNG novel: Death in Winter)

A renewed bloodfire epidemic arose on Kevratas in 2396 and spread to multiple planets. Doctor Beverly Crusher had developed a cure but Praetor Taris instead ordered the Romulan Imperial Fleet to quarantine the Kevratas system. Thousands died from disease and starvation and a revolt broke out the next year, with the planet declaring independence. Taris ordered General Tebok to put down the rebellion by force but he refused to order his troops to fire on civilians, instead negotiating with rebel leader Kito to bring them peacefully to Nova Roma and present their grievances to the Senate. He also ordered immediate aid shipments. This sparked a power struggle in the Romulan Star Empire that eventually led to a coup d'etat against Taris in 2403. (STO website: The Path to 2409)

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