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"Bloodline" is the first of six comic stories presented in the WildStorm Comics Star Trek Special anthology in February 2001.


Ian Edginton and Carlos Mota explore Captain Kirk's family ties in a high-pressure setting.


Captain Kirk leads a mission aboard the shuttlecraft Galileo to rescue a starship's crew, one of whom is Kirk's nephew Peter. They'd crashed on an asteroid near the event horizon of a subspace rupture they were studying.

As Galileo lands, it is swarmed by dangerous animals that evolved in the unique environment. Peter Kirk and the other USS Feynman crash survivors use flares to drive the creatures away from the shuttle, then bring Galileo's crew to the wreckage of the Feynman in environmental suits.

Peter is angry, blaming Jim's legendary career for overshadowing his father George Samuel Kirk, Jr.'s worthy scientific accomplishments. Leonard McCoy defends Jim, telling Peter about the captain being helpless while David Marcus was killed, and Peter apologizes.

The life support on Pavel Chekov's suit ruptures, and limited supplies mean it's time to leave. They dislodge a cliff overhang with phasers, then use EVA thruster packs to jet the rock section into transporter range of the Enterprise. A section of the rock gives way, separating Jim and Peter, but they survive and later visit the grave of Peter's parents.

Log entries

  • Captain's log, stardate 9498.3.
    The Enterprise is responding to a distress call from the science frigate, USS Feynman. The Feynman was studying a unique astronomic phenomenon, the stellar equivalent of a deep ocean, geothermal vent — a 'black smoker.' Via microscopic sub-space ruptures, this anomaly is spectacularly venting matter which is accumulating around its event horizon. Its spatial distortion makes using transporters too dangerous. It's also impairing the ship's primary systems, which explains the Feynman's forced landing on the surface. I'm therefore leading a rescue mission in a refitted shuttlecraft. Its shields and systems have been enhanced by the redoubtable Mister Spock. He's remarked that like its aquatic counterpart, this anomaly may have also developed a unique ecosystem of life forms… possibly hostile. I feel it's a risk worth taking. As captain, I know protocol demands my place is on the bridge — but not this time. I need to go… I have to, for one simple reason. The Feynman's chief research scientist is the son of my late brother Sam… …My nephew, Peter.



Pavel ChekovJames T. KirkPeter KirkLeonard McCoySpockcrawlers
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Aurelian Jira KirkGeorge Samuel Kirk, Jr.Marcus KirkVirgil Kirk

Starships and vehicles

USS Enterprise-AUSS FeynmanGalileo (NCC-1701-A/5) (type-4 shuttlecraft)


unnamed asteroid (the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrant)
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Races and cultures

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States and organizations


Science and classification

astronomydistress callengineenvironmental suitflarefrigateoxygen processorphasershieldsthrustertransporttransporter

Ranks and titles


Other references

black smokerbridgecaptain's log, USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A), 2292cemeteryecosystemevent horizonhourlife formmatterminuteoceanoxygenrockshore leavespeciesStarfleet uniform (2278-2350s)subspace rupture


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  • As Peter's brothers were not named in canon during TOS, differing names were cited in various publications. Here Peter's brothers are given as Marcus and Virgil.
  • Galileo's name was not shown on the hull, but its registry number as shuttle 5 was visible. Although Galileo was wrecked in the story, it apparently was recovered and repaired, as it survived to become a museum ship at the Starfleet Air and Space Museum, according to SOTL calendar: Ships of the Line 2022.




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