The Blue Season Miracle was an incident that occurred on planet Talin IV in 2269, during the Blue Season of their indigenous calendar. During the disarming of nuclear weapons in the "Greens" nation-state, a warhead detonated inside its missile silo. This detonation triggered the automated defense systems of both the Greens and their "Browns" militaries, leading to the launch of hundreds of armed missiles across the globe. However, unknown to the Talin at the time, the USS Enterprise was in orbit as part of an observational mission with the Starfleet First Contact Office. Captain James T. Kirk, deciding this error was not part of the world's natural development, had his crew disarm or destroy all weapons before they reached their targets. The term "Miracle" indicated an attribution by the Talin to chance, bordering on the supernatural, for this fortunate outcome. (TOS novel: Prime Directive)

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