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Playing a Stoyak board game.

A board game was a type of tabletop strategy game played with a board, often using accompanying playing pieces or cards. Examples include chess, Monopoly, and klin zha.

In universe

History and specifics

Although Selayans did not play sports, they enjoyed the board game of Thiss. (Decipher RPG module: Aliens)

The Slichezean sect of Betelgeusians enjoyed abstract, complicated board games. (Last Unicorn RPG module: Star Trek: The Next Generation Players' Guide)

Oliver Bouchard's skill at board games in school was due to an innate, weak telepathic talent. (TOS novel: A Choice of Catastrophes)

In the year 2266, prison guards Cag and Dalik passed the time on Bira III playing a Stoyak board game. (TOS comic: "A World Against Itself")

In 2269 of an alternate reality, at one point, the slaves Sekor and Tasme belonging to the Praetor of the Romulan Star Empire were playing a board game. (TOS novel: Killing Time)

In 2275, Harb Tanzer described a board game as a harmless diversion remote from reality, but James T. Kirk recalled having once played a highly emotional game of Monopoly. (TOS novel: The Wounded Sky)

In 2276, the USS Enterprise's recreation room master games computer could provide all sorts of board games, including many variants of chess such as three-dimensional chess and four-dimensional chess. (TOS - Rihannsu novel: The Empty Chair, TOS novel: Spock's World)

Exiled Khan Noonien Singh and his Augments on Ceti Alpha V had a checkers board in one of their cargo carriers. (TOS movie: The Wrath of Khan)

In the 24th century, Robert DeSoto was an expert in the board game Go. His Starfleet Academy team won two Federation championships. (TNG novel: The Brave and the Bold, Book Two)

Board games were available to play in the USS Enterprise-D's recreation rooms. (TNG - A Time to... novel: A Time to Hate)

In 2369 on Ashkaar, a local villager played a board game William T. Riker didn't recognize with Data, who seemed to be winning. (TNG novel: To Storm Heaven)

In 2370, Pakleds aboard the Rorpot enjoyed playing broogola, a board game derived from tic-tac-toe. (TNG - Seven Deadly Sins short story: "Work is Hard")

In 2371, some refugees from the Cardassian Demilitarized Zone played board games to pass the time at Outpost Sierra III. (TNG - Double Helix novel: Quarantine)

In 2376, Rugal Pa'Dar and Tret Akleen played many silent games of kotra. (DS9 novel: The Never-Ending Sacrifice)

Also that year, Elizabeth Lense arranged a tournament of board games aboard the USS da Vinci to help new crew members integrate. In one game, Sonya Gomez was about to beat Bartholomew Faulwell. (SCE novel: Buying Time)

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A variety of licensed Star Trek-themed board games have been released.

The outcome of the final battle between Settlers and the tribe of Utta on reference stardate 2211 was determined by role-players of FASA RPG module: An Imbalance of Power by playing an accompanying board game. The game included a board and pieces representing individual Settlers as well as each of The People as a soldier or cavalry riding atop rakka.

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