Bodor chim Grev was a Tellarite male, who served in the Federation Starfleet in its early years in the 22nd century.


By 2162, he held the rank of ensign. In that year he was handpicked by Captain Malcolm Reed to be his communications officer on the USS Pioneer. Due to his not-too-Tellarite-like personality, he had a good relationship with the senior officers.

In April, 2163, the Pioneer became stuck in a decaying orbit around a super-Jovian planet. Science officer Reynaldo Sangupta dicovered the existence of whale like creatures on the planet, and he asked for Grev's help to decipher their language. The Starfleet officer's transmitted a distress call to the whales and they saved the ship. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: A Choice of Futures)

In 2164, the Pioneer was tasked with learning new information about the Rigel system before their admission into the Federation. During their culural exchange, Grev and the ship's historian, Lieutenant Samuel Kirk, were invited to examine the archive on Rigel V. This turned out to be a trap as their guide, Rehlen Vons, turned on them with a group of Rigelians, killed their escort, Crewman Kenji Mishima, abducted the two officers and took secret data files from the archive.

Vons coerced Grev to decode the files by torturing Lieutenant Kirk and threatened them with death. After a week, Grev was forced to show some results but tried to give them low level information. Their captor turned out to be a Malurian impersonating Vons, but was killed by his "allies". This made things even worse for the duo, and they begun considering to provoke their captors into killing them to keep the information from falling into the wrong hands. Fortunately they were rescued by Pioneer without any permanent injuries. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Tower of Babel)



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