Boenmar was an Androssi male who worked with the Androssi salvage teams in the Rashanar Battle Site in 2378.

Boenmar served as a pilot for the salvage fleet, but was also assigned to scouting teams that surveyed wreckages in the "boneyard". In May 2378, Boenmar was assigned to survey the USS Asgard, along with Ghissel, and the two quickly became lovers. Shortly after, Boenmar assisted Ghissel in capturing the captain's yacht, Calypso, and from then on served as the Calypso's pilot.

The joint Androssi attempt to capture the Romulan derelict, IRW Rom'drex, failed due to Starfleet and Ontailian intervention, and the Calypso was forced to retreat. Despite Boenmar's and Ghissel's best efforts to avoid being detected, they were pursued by the shuttlecraft Hudson, and went deeper into the gravity sink. It was near the gravity sink, that Boenmar and Ghissel died after the Calypso was absorbed and copied by the "demon flyer", and the original was destroyed. (TNG novel: A Time to Be Born)

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