Boheeka was a Cardassian male who served in the Cardassian Guard in the 24th century. In the 2360s, he was assigned to Terok Nor.

In 2365, Dal Boheeka told Quark that his brother Rom's claim that the new security chief was a shape-shifter was true. He took pleasure in pointing out to Quark that Odo could be anything, even a napkin. Boheeka was glad that Thrax Sa'kat was gone, calling him "arrogant". (TLE - Terok Nor novel: Dawn of the Eagles)

In 2370, Quark contacted the now Glinn Boheeka to obtain a new cranial implant for Elim Garak and the schematics on how to install it. After entering the requisition code number, Boheeka found the information had been classified by the Obsidian Order and hoped they would not trace the request back to him. (DS9 episode: "The Wire")

Boheeka was played by the late Jimmie F. Skaggs in "The Wire".

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