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For the mirror universe counterpart, see Bolarus (mirror).

Bolarus IX, also known as Boliax or Bole, is a planet, the ninth planet of the Bolarus star system. A Federation member world and homeworld of the Bolian civilization, Bolarus IX's governing body is the Quorum of Bole. (ST novel: A Singular Destiny)

History and specifics[]

Bolarus is stormy and oceanic, the ninth planet in the system of the subgiant blue star Bolarus. Close to the Romulan Neutral Zone, it was a theatre of conflict in the Dominion War. (Decipher RPG module: Starfleet Operations Manual)

The Bank of Bolias is a prominent Federation financial institution, robbed in the year 2374 by the Orion Syndicate.[citation needed]

Former Federation president Min Zife was from Bolarus, first serving as planetary district representative, then as Bolian Federation councillor, and finally as president. Bolarus' current councillor is Nea. (TNG episode: "Conspiracy"; ST reference: Star Charts; DS9 episode: "Honor Among Thieves"; TNG novel: A Time to Kill; ST novel: Articles of the Federation)

Of the many unexplained names, Boliax, is the planet name used in TNG video game: Elite Force.

In 2355, Admiral Owen Paris kept several pictures on the wall of his office at Starfleet Headquarters. Each picture featured a group of Starfleet personnel, at least one of whom was named "Paris". One of these pictures was taken on the planet Bole. (VOY novel: Mosaic)



Bolian city

Islands and archipelagos[]

Emblem of Bolarus.

  • Elivos
  • Izos
  • Kasiron
  • Linmos
  • Rabor Archipelago
  • V'olos

Cities and settlements[]

Bodies of water[]

  • Bay of Bolse
  • Kisaran Ocean
  • Lirathanan Ocean
  • Losara Ocean

Other topographic features[]

  • Bolkintu Mountains
  • Cliffs of Bole
  • Rovim Mountains
  • Rasnih Mountains
  • Senden Funnel



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