In the mirror universe, the Bolian Resistance was a group that consisted of Bolians that resisted the oppressive regime of the Terran Empire. After the conquest of their homeworld, many Bolians did not place blame on the Terrans but on their rival nations. However, the members of the resistance believed that the rule of the Empire made the concept of three separate nations outdated. Instead, they espoused the belief in overthrowing the Terrans and instead forge their own empire with the intention of conquering the galaxy.

They regularly distributed propaganda explaining their beliefs whilst conducting assassination campaigns against Terrans. The Resistance was responsible for the sabotage of Imperial installations whilst engaging in counter terrorism against the Imperial Starfleet intelligence. These resistance fighters also regularly hired themselves as mercenaries or smugglers in order to continue to fund their operations. Much of their activities included the kidnapping or assassination of loyalist Bolian officials that served the puppet government in order to highlight them as being traitors to a unified Bolarus. (Decipher module: Through a Glass, Darkly)


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