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Archaeologist Richard Galen discovers the remnants of a scroll on the planet Maltos IV and translates the scroll into Federation Standard.

The scroll tells the story of the interactions of the natives of Maltos IV with the Federation and Klingon Empire through a religious lens. The people see the early arrival of Jonathan Archer (referred to as "the Prophet") as a harbinger of the events that happen later.

A generation after Archer's visit, Klingons invade Maltos IV and enslave the native peoples. The natives see this as a punishment and pray to their gods, the Great Ones, for salvation from the Klingon scourge.

Then, the USS Enterprise arrives and Captain James T. Kirk (referred to as "the Liberator") convinces the people to request his help against the Klingons in order to circumvent the Prime Directive (referred to as "the oath"). The people request Kirk's assistance and he leads them in a rebellion against the Klingons, leading to the Klingon expulsion from Maltos IV.

After achieving victory, Kirk offers the native membership in the Federation, to which they readily agree. Then Kirk departs the planet and the people hold a great celebration, ending with the consumption of the Klingons who had been captured as prisoners.

It is unknown if the Federation accepted the Maltos IV natives as members once they learned the natives were cannibals.



the Liberatorthe Healerthe Sagethe Way-finderthe Armsmanthe Proclaimerthe Machinist
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Enterprise (NX-01)


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bat'lethBook of FulfillmentFifth Cyclethe oathVulcan nerve pinch


years prior to 2269
The Enterprise (NX-01) visits the planet Maltos IV, but leaves because the natives considered Captain Jonathan Archer a madman.
The crew of the USS Enterprise under the command of Captain James T. Kirk lead the liberation of Maltos IV.



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