Boomerangs in flight.

A boomerang was a sort of weapon used on the planet Earth's Australian continent by Aborigine Humans as well as on other planets.

History and specifics[edit | edit source]

It consisted of a V-shaped bit of wood that, when tossed correctly, returned to its point of origin. The Mythrans were familiar with this weapon. (TOS novel: Mission to Horatius)

The Capellan kligat has been described as a kind of bladed boomerang. (TOS - Star Trek 3 novelization: Friday's Child, TNG - Cold Equations novel: The Body Electric, Decipher RPG module: Worlds)

In 2243, the shape of a Romulan mothership reminded Robert April of a giant boomerang. (TOS novel: Final Frontier)

In 2267, a tribe of cannibals attacked James T. Kirk, Spock, and Leonard McCoy with spears and boomerangs. (TOS comic: "What Fools These Mortals Be..")

In 2269, while facing an impending battle without weapons on Excalbia, Kirk recalled that ancient Vulcans had a weapon similar to a boomerang. He suggested that Spock try to fashion some, along with spears and slings. (TOS episode & Star Trek 6 novelization: The Savage Curtain)

In 2374, 0 once simultaneously armed himself with a boomerang, pistol, kligat, dagger, mace and a phaser. (TNG novel: Q-Strike)

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