Bopak III is a planet in the space of the galaxy's Gamma Quadrant, the class M third planet in orbit of the Bopak star system.

In the year 2369, a Dominion ship crash-landed on Bopak. After running out of ketracel white the only survivor remaining a month after the crash was Goran'agar, who unknown to himself had a mutation which allowed him to survive without the enzyme.

In 2372, Goran'agar and a small group of Jem'Hadar returned to Bopak, Goran'agar convinced something on the planet had allowed him to be freed from white addiction. The planet was also visited by Miles O'Brien and Julian Bashir in a runabout, who were promptly captured by the Jem'Hadar. In their time there Bashir discovered the true reason for Goran'agar's freedom from the white. (DS9 episode: "Hippocratic Oath", DS9 - Prophecy and Change short story: "Broken Oaths")

In 2376, Bashir's experience with Goran'agar on Bopek was a key case study when Ezri Dax was trying to understand the motivations of the Jem'Hadar Kitana'klan. (DS9 - Avatar novel: Avatar, Book Two)

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