The Boraalans were a humanoid race native to the planet Boraal II. They were similar in anatomy to humans, with both male and female genders as well as persons of various different skin colors living in the same area. They had a ridge along their nose and lower forehead, making them similar in appearance to Bajorans. They were most adapted to living in temperate zones, although it was assumed that they could survive in less hospitable locations as well. Boraalans were capable of reproducing with humans without any medical assistance.

A Boraalan named Dobara.

As of 2370, they had reached a level culture comparable to medieval Europe, and had been under sociological study by Federation observers for several years. One of the observers, Doctor Nikolai Rozhenko, violated the Prime Directive by interacting with the Boraalans and fathering a child with one named Dobara.

In 2370, the atmosphere of Boraal II was lost, and the race killed with the exception of one village, which Rozhenko had transported to the USS Enterprise-D, and then relocated to planet Vacca VI. (TNG episode: "Homeward")

Shortly afterwards, Dr. Carol Abramowitz was asked by Starfleet Commander Uxmen for recommendations on how to respond to this violation of the Prime Directive. Abramowitz concluded no actions should be taken. (SCE eBook: Fables of the Prime Directive)

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