Doctor Bordell was a 23rd century Human woman, an anthropologist who served aboard the Federation starship USS Enterprise at the beginning of the 2270s decade.

Biography[edit | edit source]

In the year 2270, Bordell joined the crew of the shuttlecraft Armstrong to explore the surface of Vehtora IV. However, a planetary repeller screen disabled the shuttle's power, forcing it to crash. When a tribe of humanoid Xhosa attacked the crew with arrows, killing Jameson and injuring Pavel Chekov, Bordell speculated that the indigenous population might be reacting to psychological trauma and that their target could be the shuttle, which represented a deity or creature that fell from the sky.

Bordell and the others retreated into the shuttle. When a Xhosa tried to enter the vessel through the damaged hatch, she whacked it with a loose chair. Natives responded by setting a large fire outside the shuttle. Bordell and the others were forced outside, rigging hull metal to use as personal shields and shrapnel as bladed weapons. They were beamed back aboard the Enterprise after Spock disabled the planet's repeller screen.

After evacuating Anabera colonists to Starbase 10, Bordell transferred to the starbase in order to lead a Starfleet expedition back to Vehtora IV and study the Xhosa. (TOS - Unlimited comic: "As Flies to Wanton Boys")

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