The Borg Entreaty was a speech made in 2367 by Julie Elliot, a widow of the recent Battle of Wolf 359, calling for the imprisonment of anyone suspected of collusion with the Borg.

In the wake of the Borg attack a climate of fear and panic swept across the Federation. Elliot, who had lost her recently married husband (and father of her recently conceived child) to the Borg in the battle, made an impassioned and eloquent speech calling for a waiver of the rights due to a Federation citizen if there was any suspicion they were being manipulated by the Borg Collective. The entreaty suggested a citizen could be arrested and detained for up to a year without trial if there was evidence of any Borg involvement. The speech was met with sympathetic ears, and despite its unusual position of calling for reduction in freedoms went down in Federation history as one of the most heart-breaking speeches ever recorded. The sympathy was not so strong however to actually pass the entreaty's suggestions into law.

In 2378, Admiral Kenneth Montgomery commented that it was unfortunate the entreaty had not been passed, as it would have made dealing with the USS Voyager's crew in the Borg virus crisis that much easier. That has not stopped Montgomery from having the Voyager crew detained anyway, under the claim they were "enemy combatants". (VOY novel: Homecoming)

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