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A Borg collector is a type of starship, a Borg ship.

History and specifics[]

The Borg collector is a mining freighter designed to orbit a planet that has useful resources, using a transporter to beam these aboard the ship, then take the resources to a processing center for use by the Borg Collective. (ST video games: Armada, Armada II)

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Known vessels[]

Borg collectors
M148-08054M148-08450M148-10564M148-15145M148-16054M148-16458M148-47850M148-48084M148-48469M148-48486M148-68405M148-69696M148-78456M148-78466M148-80584M148-84015M148-84055M148-84264M148-89416M148-94535M148-96569M148-98259M148-98741M148-99456 Borg Collective visual designation.



Borg starship classes
Borg Collective visual designation. assemblerassimilatorcollectorcolony shipcommand shipcubedetectordiamondfusion cubeharbingerharmonic defenderhypercubeinterceptorobeliskpyramidrectanglescoutspheretactical cubetactical fusion cubewedgeworkbee Borg Collective visual designation.