The harmonic defender is a type of Borg starship used by the collective as a frigate. This Borg ship has a special weapon that charges the special weapons of other allied ships or captured warships. (TNG video game: Armada II)

Vessels of this class were first observed by the Federation during the Regula Badlands crisis of 2377, with multiple vessels of this class partaking in the defense of both Transwarp Portals. Classified as a Frigate vessel, the ship was equipped with Borg Disruptor arrays, as well as a Gravimetric Torpedo launcher. In addition to its standard weapon arrays, the Harmonic Defender was equipped with a Special Energy Recharger, allowing it to emit a wave of energy that would quickly recharge the special energy of nearby Borg ships.

Known Harmonic Defenders[edit | edit source]

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