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Borg implants are any of the mechanical technologies implanted into Borg drones to cybernetically enhance their abilities, some are implanted upon assimilation while others are implanted over a time. (TNG episodes: "Q Who", "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II" et al.)

A list of Borg Implants

  • Assimilation tubule
  • Cortical implant
    • Bio-synthetic gland
    • Cortical array
      • Cortical node
    • Chronometric node
    • Cranial transceiver
    • Interlink node
    • Neural processor
    • Neuro-processing adjunct
    • Neural transceiver
    • Sensory node
  • Exo-plating
    • Designator interface circuit
    • Microconnector
    • Regenerative shield
    • Thoracic assembly
  • Extraction tubule
  • Forced plasma beam
  • Ocular implant
  • Proximity transceiver
  • Vocal subprocessor

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