A tactical fusion cube

The tactical fusion cube was a type of starship operated by the Borg Collective in the late 24th century. Tactical fusion cubes were made by fusing together eight Borg tactical cubes. The Borg could similarly fuse eight standard cubes together to create a fusion cube.

To build either type of fusion cube the Borg had first to have built a fusion hub within the local area of space they were operating. Once the hub was developed the Collective could then select eight cubes which would place themselves in a careful formation and fuse.

Tactical fusion cubes had a crew of thousands, were heavily armed and had powerful shields, making them one of the most powerful vessels in the Borg fleet. A tactical fusion cube could effortlessly repel attacks from even the most formidable opponents - easily outgunning and overpowering even a starbase.

In addition to standard beam and torpedo weaponry, tactical fusion cubes could also be adapted to operate the Borg holding beam for easy assimilation of starships and facilities and the technology assimilation beam which could target unique technologies on opponent vessels and adapt them for use by the cube. If the Borg had a technology assimilator in the area tactical fusion cubes could also implement assimilated technologies analyzed by the Borg at that facility. (ST video game: Armada II)

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Tactical fusion cubes do not appear as computer controlled units in any of the missions in Armada II - as the AI is incapable of creating either type of fusion cube the only way one could appear was if it were placed as given map unit for the computer player, which does not occur in any of the missions. Further they can only be built by a human player in the final mission, where, as the most powerful vessel in the game, they can be very useful as one of the ways to destroy the Species 8472 rift maker; a massive and very powerful unit that must be destroyed to complete the game.

Players playing as the Borg could make tactical fusion cubes in "instant action" games.

Using the technology assimilator tactical fusion cubes could assimilate up to four "special weapons".

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