Technology assimilator

A Borg technology assimilator

The Borg technology assimilator was a type of facility built by the Borg Collective in the 24th century. It's purpose was to process the assimilation of unique technologies encountered by the Borg for deployment within the Borg's fleet of cubes.

A technology assimilator being built within the Borg's area of operation allowed cubes to use their technology assimilation beam, which analysed the technology on a targeted vessel allowing the cube to assimilate it and then use it. If the Collective desired to instigate that technology throughout the fleet the cube could be taken to the technology assimilator and disassembled for further analysis of the technology and development for fleet-wide implementation. Alternatively if the Borg assimilated an enemy starship with a notable technology that vessel could be brought to the technology assimilator and dissembled and analysed in the same fashion.

In addition to technology assimilation the facility was also used for the construction of the fusion hub, a facility necessary if the Collective intended to create any fusion or tactical fusion cubes. (TNG video game: Armada II)

Within game-play the technology assimilator was a unique facility allowing the Borg to acquire other races’ special weapons. Only Borg cubes were able to use assimilated weapons: a basic cube could use one weapon, a tactical cube two, a fusion cube three, and a tactical fusion cube four.
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