The Borg transwarp portal was a large structure of Borg design. It's construction required the presence of a tachyon nebula.

A stable, long-range transwarp conduit could be created between two transwarp portals. The Borg constructed one in the Bora system, in the Delta Quadrant, and linked it to another in the Suah'Dron system, located in the Regula Badlands of the Alpha Quadrant. Then, in 2377, they used it to send a large fleet of ships into the Alpha Quadrant. The invasion force was also accompanied by the Borg Queen.

The Federation (with the assistance of the Romulans) located the portal in the Suah'Dron star system, and sent a fleet, led by the USS Enterprise-E, to take it. They were able to capture it, send another fleet through to seize the portal in the Delta Quadrant, and then use it to launch a series of combat operations against the Borg Collective. The Federation forces in the Delta Quadrant then attempted to return home. Unfortunately for them, the Borg Queen lead an attack on the Suah'Dron system, to retrieve the portal, and so the Federation defenders chose to destroy it. As a result, a small group of Starfleet ships, including the USS Enterprise-E, were stranded in the Delta Quadrant. (TNG video game: Armada II)

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