Boron Kallarax was a 23rd century Klingon man, the son of Rajat. He was the first officer of the Klingon Empire flagship IKS K'lirta under the command of Vlict Kenka.

He was noted in the Federation for his competency and loyalty to his commander. (TOS video game: 25th Anniversary)

There are two outcomes to Kallarax's fate. If Kirk chooses to leave Kenka to be executed, he can either report the events to Kallarax factually, or taunt him over Kenka's death, which results in space combat with the K'lirta. If Kirk successfully destroys the K'lirta, thus killing Kallarax, Spock will chastise him for provoking an unnecessary confrontation with the Klingons, although strangely, the player can still get a perfect score from the mission.

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