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Borrik was a 23rd century Dedderac male. By the late 2250s, Borrik was a operations division lieutenant serving in Starfleet, assigned as communications officer aboard the USS Constitution.

In 2257, he joined the senior staff in the ship's lounge as they welcomed the new helmsman, Lieutenant James T. Kirk, aboard. A short time later, Borrik spoke to Kirk about Chief of Security Jack Gaynor following an altercation in the rec room.

Borrik was later on duty at the bridge communications station when the Constitution received a "captain's-eyes-only" message from Starfleet Command. Over the next few days, Borrik also relayed another "captain's eyes only" message from Admiral Ellen Mangione and a standard subspace message by Admiral Blosser at Starbase 23, ordering the Constitution to proceed to Sordinia IV.

Following an attack on the Constitution by a group of six alien satellites in orbit of Sordinia which had forced the ship to withdraw, Borrik suggested at a senior staff briefing that a team could infiltrate a damaged satellite and download data which would allow them to take down the satellite network.

Borrik later joined a second boarding party that boarded the alien mothership and, together with Lieutenant Polcovich, used the information gained from the first satellite to disable the motherships defenses. In his after action report to Captain Augenthaler, Lieutenant Kirk commended Borrik for his actions during the mission. (TOS - My Brother's Keeper novel: Constitution)

Borrik was a good three-dimensional chess player, and Gary Mitchell once offered Kirk the opportunity to play a match against Borrik, but he refused, claiming he preferred to play against the computer. (TOS - My Brother's Keeper novel: Constitution)

Borrik later left Starfleet and the Constitution and returned to his homeworld, where he assumed the leadership of his clan. (TOS - My Brother's Keeper novel: Enterprise)


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